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TTRPGs are a fantastic and creative hobby, but did you know that it has proven benefits? Tabletop players have reportedly increased math skills, a comparatively superior vocabulary, and tend to have a more active imagination. More than just these minor (although wonderful) things, there are documented benefits that make this obsession worth the investment for players:

  • Improved critical thinking skills

  • Improved social and communication skills

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased critical-thinking skills

  • Substantive teamwork and cooperation experience

  • Practice in ethics and personal responsibility

  • Exposure to new cultures, thoughts, and ideas

  • Comparably higher levels of empathy

  • Increased self-efficacy

  • Encourages self-actualization

  • Encourages divergent thinking

  • Increased cognitive function in individuals with ADHD

  • Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Encourages memory retention and lowers risk of developing dementia

  • Reduces severity of symptoms in Alzheimer's patients

Benefits of Tabletop Roleplaying Games