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Minnesota Game Master, Artist, & TTRPG Content Creator


I'm Nicholas, a nonbinary artist and professional game master based in Minnesota, US, who specializes in high-fantasy tabletop roleplay adventures.

One of my greatest joys is seeing the bulb of illumination spark for new players as they finally see the keyhole expand; unleashing their inner creativity.

This hobby has given me so much. Between meeting tons of amazing people, inspiring creativity in others, and being able to vent my own creativity; this game is for everyone!


What is your inspiration or specialty?

I absorb fantastical inspiration from everything, including videogames, anime, books, and most especially science. 'Lord of the Rings' style high-fantasy is my vibe, but there's always room for a sharpshooting magical robot. I primarily create and run games in the DnD5e system, but am open to other great systems. When I'm not creating I love hiking with my dogs, learning new things about history or science, and catching Pokemon.

What kind of GM experience do you have?

I started out playing DnD on the playground with my best friend. I created worlds and games and characters, all of which I found a vent for in 2019. The GM world opened up to me and I haven't stopped since.

I'm proud to have finished a 2 year long campaign, homebrew hundreds of monsters, build a vast number of original one-shots, and played with a ton unique people from all around the world. I have over 3,000 gaming hours logged (prep not included) and experience with a wide array of players and play styles.

What is your favorite DnD monster?

There are so many terrifying and/or magical creatures in DnD lore; exempting my equally horrifying homebrew monsters. I'm a big fan of the Underdark biome and a nice, classic monster is the Hook Horror. Scary hooks, beetle shell, echolocation, violent disposition: the perfect monster.

What is your favorite DnD class?

My very first character was a dwarven fighter in an underdark campaign. I'm partial to fighter for that reason, but honestly, it's a tie between fighter and wizard. I really like doing magic geometry and blowing up the bad guys, but I also really like whacking things with a big stick. It's a tough call for me.

What is your favorite color?

What a wonderful question. I'm so glad you asked! Mine is grey. Bet you didn't expect that. Huh.

"It immediately teaches cooperation. It exercises the imagination. It’s joyous, it’s improvisational. And within a matter of minutes, everybody’s on the same page. You’re not arguing about whether or not you’re cool or not. You’re arguing about whether or not you should have gone over the boulder to kill the dragon. I think it’s about the coolest thing I’ve encountered in a long time."
Chris Pine
Dungeons and Dragons movie Actor