Custom D&D Adventures & TTRPG Events



This package guarantees 4 sessions, featuring a private series of dangerous and magical endeavors exclusively for your troupe of adventurers. An adventure package for any group of friends, roommates, or even family game nights!




This package guarantees 8 sessions, featuring a private custom adventure exclusively for your troupe of adventurers. A campaign package for summertime safaris, deepwinter storytelling, or the standard mystical excursion!




This package guarantees 12 sessions, featuring a private custom sandbox adventure or carefully crafted narrative exclusively for your party of explorers. A campaign package for any group of newbies or veterans looking for the start of a persisting adventure!




One-shots, custom adventures, and specialty events are covered by this category. New to the game and want to try it out? Not sure if a package is for you? Want to make sure the GM is good? This option offers an exclusive adventure for all explorers.


*Rates differ for parties of 6+ and kids*

Private Workshop

Whether you want to learn to GM, want some feedback on homebrew content, some big assistance in worldbuilding, or help with something particularly special, a private workshop might be perfect for you! Anything from tweaking a magic system to building one from scratch. If bouncing ideas off of a veteran GM will help you flesh out your knowledge or homebrew world, consider a private workshop.

$80-$150 USD

per event

Teambuilding Events

Consider a 3-4 hour interactive adventure for your team or department staff that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. Each adventure boasts unique themes and joint challenges for your team or staff to overcome together. This is a solitary or continual teambuilding event that is accessible to people of all cultures and creeds. Not limited to the workplace!

$300 USD

per event

*Services require a campaign contract completed by each participant or involved parties.*

*Additionally, a non-refundable deposit of 40% will be applied to all packages, a $50 deposit will be applied to all custom events, and a $150 deposit for teambuilding events in order to secure your event.*


Why shoud I hire a private game master?

Maybe scheduling has your group strapped for time. Maybe the local game store is always packed with kids or other gamers. Maybe you prefer playing in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you want to gift your friends an adventure they won't forget. Or even just to have a real, consistent, and professional tabletop gaming experience. There is a custom adventure for every party!

Are online/offline services available?

Yes! Both options are available! In-person real-play sessions can be either hosted or played at your local game shop. Online sessions are played using a VTT (Virtual TableTop) program. Both varieties are a blast and are available to offer flexibility options for your adventuring party.

What is the player age range?

Adventurers ages 6+ are welcome! I run solitary one-shots and lengthy campaigns for people of all ages! Any nerdy family, dorm roommates, or group of neighborhood kids have a place at the table. Gaming content is age-relative and will be perfect for your new or old adventuring party.

Why is there a non-refundable deposit?

The deposit guarantees your party’s slot within the chaos of event scheduling, and is required as part of the contract. When it comes to building, balancing, and personalizing a campaign for a group, we invest a lot of labor into player satisfaction. The deposit ensures that your game is immersive, carefully crafted, and invested in your magical experience.

Can I make requests or suggestions?

Of course! All written backstories will be read and considered for story application. Not every narrative thread can be followed, but everything has the potential to show up in-game and/or make an impact on the narrative. I want your creativity to help forge your adventuring world!

How does scheduling work?

Once the contract is complete the scheduling process begins. We will discuss a day/time that works for the whole group, whether it be weekly, biweekly, monthly campaign, or a special event. Once confirmed, the contract complete, and the deposit received, your slot is locked in.